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Here's what I've been up to lately. If you wanna talk about anything, feel free to hit me up.


I work as a software engineer at a financial technology firm. I also help around with friends' projects from time to time.


I'm in another one of my phases where I take in an insane amount of information in a variety of fields and then give myself a break from it all to understand everything and find new insights.


Im reading a LOT of books and textbooks about storytelling, 3D graphics, signal processing, film, invention, and math. I'll be updating /reads as I complete them.


Sporadically finishing the latest season of Hunter x Hunter. Just started Attack on Titan. I need to make time to watch the many other shows I've put on my watch list.


A lot of Cold War, Miles Morales (*chef's kiss*), and OG Subnautica. I'm waiting to finish the first Subnautica before I play Below Zero.